For an AI automated blockchain accounting

This is the first article from a serie about how TaaL will change how companies sell software.We see accounting as the most time-consuming and unnecessarily cumbersome admin task facing small businesses today, it can also be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for people doing this for the first time.  At EZYcount, we envisage accounting for the self-employed […]

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The 12 steps of an accounting year-end

The 12 steps of an accounting year-end closing1Check the balances of the bank accounts, the postal account, the credit cards, PayPal and the cash register as of 31.12.20172Control account statements by account3Make the inventory4Calculate and record depreciation5Booking of accounts receivable/payables as of 31.12.20176Booking of transitory accounts7Make profit/loss booking: LINK8Print the balance sheet at 31.12.2017 (2 […]

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Change in Swiss VAT rates on 1.1.2018

​The implications of the VAT change in Switzerland on 01.01.2018WARNING !   Briefly: All sales or services that took place before 1.1.2018 must be invoiced at the old rate even if the invoice is sent after 1.1.2018. If you follow the effective VAT model, which is the usual model, the rate of 8% becomes 7.7%, the rate […]

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Article ALPICT about EZYinvoice launch

Find here the article that ALPICT wrote about the launch of EZYinvoice. EZYinvoice is the fastest invoicing system developed specifically for Swiss self-employed.The article published by ALPICT​ALPICT is a cluster which target is to provide synergies between IT and communication companies in Swiss RomandeALPICT has a blog to follow news in the technological field in […]

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Our mission at EZYcount

Our mission is to simplify the life of self-employed and very small companies.Life for self-employed and owners of small companies is tough these days. Admin tasks are keeping them away of growing their business. We focus on accounting as the admin task perceived as the biggest hassle, overly time-consuming. Furthermore doing accounting is seen as […]

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