Creating free resources

Since the beginning of EZYcount, I have created dozens of Excel or Word templates to help clients. A sheet to follow the cash register. An invoice or letter template. An Excel sheet to track the stock. Today we have created a page that brings together all these free resources for you. The resources will gradually arrive in time to centralize them.

First resource, model of valorisation of a startup

It is a simple model that shows one of the most common ways to promote a startup. The Excel sheet describes in detail how to use it.

In a few minutes, you can have a professional model that allows you to have a productive discussion with potential or current investors.

I created this template after discussions with Fintech Fusion startups where I noticed that each startup had an Excel template but no one had a clear, printable and professional sheet. So I took the time to make one that responds to these requests.

To go to the free resources, follow this link.

More free resources

In the coming weeks, we will be gathering the various free resources such as the Excel spreadsheet for salaries, or the tax/social security budget for the self-employed or an Excel sheet to calculate the percentages of ownership of a company when new investors arrive.

If you need a template, let me know by email at vivien@ezycount.ch

Very nice week and good use of free EZYcount resources

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.

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