Tech Week Frankfurt

This week, Olivier, community manager EZYcount, invites us to Tech Week Frankfurt with him. Thank you Olivier!

Arriving at Tech Week

On 6 and 7 November, Tech Week Frankfurt (https://www.techweekfrankfurt.de) was held. A Cloud, Cyber Security, IoT, Big Data, Data Centre, Devops and Blockchain oriented Exhibition It is of course for this last category that I visited the German financial centre.

Installed in Hall 4 of the Frankfurter Messe, stands and conference rooms were waiting for me. On the program: 8 conferences over the 2 days, from the discovery of the blockchain to the impact on the company, including the challenge of developing the blockchain and the ITIL and RGPD standards.

After the very interesting first session (Blockchain, from concept to reality) of Magnus Jones de Ey, the schedule (already) is disrupted thanks to the discussion in the VIP room with the organization of the show. The Fintech World Conference (https://www.fintechworld-conference.de) takes place one floor lower and only this day. Neither one nor two, I receive my accreditation to participate in the remaining half-day.

From the presentation by Sebastian Markowsky who introduced digital assets in a very practical and enlightened way (he has a good portfolio on Counterparty), to the use of algorithms by Lars Reiner and AI in banking by Janosh Novak, to the tokenization of assets, the audience was apparently satisfied. The afternoon quickly went by in session and met with a company looking for a solution.


The second day took place again at Tech Week, with a series of sessions dedicated to blockchain. A discussion panel was particularly well attended: Blockchain for enterprises: Moving Beyond the Concept stage. The aim was to show that the blockchain is not a theory, but concrete projects. The first speaker works in energy (youki.energy) and offers customers to pay for their local electricity production or the use of external sources by using the blockchain as proof of use. The second speaker manages Blockchain projects within Commerzbank.

The outcome of these days is to have been able to see concrete projects working, to have been able to make contact with these people. The blockchain is a concrete project with concrete applications that work, and I am sure we, EZYcount, will soon be able to be part of one of these panels and show that the AI, and the blockchain actively participate in the fintech!

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Olivier Anh

Olivier is the community manager for the French-speaking community and co-manager of the English speaking community. He has over 15 years in the new technology of information, web and community development and management. He is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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