Monthly Archives: September 2018

Accounting is ready to be automated

Accounting is ready to be automatedThis week I explain why we are activating our 2015 patent now with our current ICO which you can participate here. What has changed in accounting from 2015 to 2018?2015 – Accounting is manualIn 2015, most accounting work in manual. Invoices are sent per mail and only SAP systems do […]

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Looking back at the ICO launch

Looking back at the ICO launchLast week, I didn’t publish a blog post because the EZYcount ICO started. I’m going to look back on what happened. But before that, some news:1) I’m proud to say that we are one of the 9 fintech startups selected by the accelerator Fintech Fusion in Geneva for their next […]

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The next big thing in tax

The next big thing in taxThe next big thing in tax is tax automation powered by blockchain. Let’s first have a look at how this would look like and then which steps need to be taken so that this is a reality.This article is based on discussions I had with major audit company representative and […]

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