Vivien Fuhrer, co-founder and CEO

Vivien has always been very technical. From the first school years, he always had best grades in mathematics. After studying Business at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Aberdeen, Scotland, Vivien got a degree in International Management from Northeastern University, Boston, USA and Reutlingen, Germany.

Before EZYcount
Major work experience for Vivien prior to EZYcount is being the CFO of a medium-sized business in the canton of Berne in Switzerland in the train business.

His passion for new technologies and how they open new opportunities to save time and decrease the complexity we live in pushed him to create EZYcount.

Vivien is a Swiss citizen, married and has a small child.

Outside EZYcount
Vivien spends most of his time with his family. Life is short and days have only 24 hours. He takes advantage of every minute outside EZYcount to share unforgettable moments with his family.

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.