The power of communities 

This week I'm writing about the power of communities. Why is this so important for me and EZYcount and how it is one of the strongest force for success for new technology businesses.

Communities - the voice of the people

Communities (incl. online communities) are groups of people supporting an idea or a business through engagement. It could be following on social media, commenting on posts, and videos, creating new content, talking at a local event or during a drink with friends, ...

Communities make our voice stronger, our ideas brighter and our success more sustainable.

There are many ways communities can support an idea. What I find empowering is that by supporting an idea you join a group; every new voice increases the voice of the group. Similar to a river, small rivers joining together make a large one. In our case, communities support us making accounting automated so that self-employed and businesses all around the world can save time, money and energy.

Communities give the chance to ANYBODY to voice their opinion and to be heard. This is a direct channel to the most important part of your business environment: your customers and potential customers.

Communities are emotional. This is good. They get ecstatic, they get loud, they are extreme but they are true. In the next paragraph, we are looking how communities are essential to EZYcount.

Importance of communities for EZYcount

Communities is a very important factor of success of EZYcount. From the beginning, we build EZYcount so that customers and potential customers not only receive a cool software but a true solution for their problem: accounting.

We offer free technical support by phone and email, a blog, a Youtube channel and more recently, we have opened social media channels to engage and communicate more with our communities.

We develop EZYcount in a lean startup model, making small steps and asking for feedback.

Most changes we do on our software come from someone in our community who pointed out that she/he prefers to have this or that.

This is why we decided to do a token sale and engage with our community to enable them to financially support us and benefit financially from EZYcount success. By making EZYcount successful, the community participants are rewarded by the value of the EZYcount TaaL (EZYcount token) increasing.

This connection with our communities will grow and strengthen. We believe that communities are at the core of what EZYcount is. To foster it we thrive for transparency and will continue to work towards full transparency in engaging with every member of our communities.

Personal example: Last Tuesday, I had a meeting in Sion, Switzerland with someone who was having a vacation nearby and was from the Netherlands. He contacted me after being part of our international community for a while. He said he would be for a couple of days close to our office and if we could have a chat. I said yes straight away. The 45 minutes discussion we had was very productive. We discussed how we could bring accounting automation in the Netherlands and how it could get connected to local banks. This is the beginning of a potential cooperation.

I'm truly excited that thanks to our communities, people from all over the world who understand and relate to our mission: fully automate accounting; can participate and support us to grow faster, better, more globally.

Thank our communities, a new array of international opportunities is opening for EZYcount.

One of the strongest force for success in the new tech business

In new tech, like EZYcount, businesses are global and digital. Meeting face to face with customers is harder, however, online meetings and online discussion are easier to spark as the business is built so. The new way of "word of mouth" is online communities. This new way is faster, more global and can reach every part of the world which is connected. 

The new way of "word of mouth" is online communities.

Be part of our communities here. We are looking to talk to you, discuss with you and we are truly grateful for any comment and participation. It is only together that we can bring full automation to accounting.

Have a great week

Signature Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien, CEO EZYcount

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.