This is unique! Token sale starts now

I'm extremely excited to announce that our first private sale just opened. The blockchain revolution on accounting is starting now and it's going to be epic!

We saw a lot of interest from customers, fiduciaries, website owners, the crypto community. Many self-employed in Switzerland and all around the world reached out to us to support us to fully automate accounting.

This is your opportunity to take a stand and say: "No more manual data entry!" It's 2018, Let's do something about this.

Help us fund EZYcount AI. Talk to your friends, family and around you so that we can automate all this tedious accounting work as soon as possible.

The dates are in:

  • Private sale +20%: 15th of July - 14th of August STARTED
  • Private sale +10%: 15th of August - 14th of September
  • Public sale: 15th of September - 14th of October

How to act now:

  • Buy tokens now here
  • Register your email to stay up to date
  • Share this information with your network by clicking on the share button on the left.

Thank you very much for your support to make the world a place where no self-employed need to input data manually in its accounting.

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Have a great week!

Signature Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien, CEO EZYcount

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.