Monthly Archives: July 2018

This is unique! Token sale starts now

I’m extremely excited to announce that our first private sale just opened. The blockchain revolution on accounting is starting now and it’s going to be epic! We saw a lot of interest from customers, fiduciaries, website owners, the crypto community. Many self-employed in Switzerland and all around the world reached out to us to support us […]

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How to hire the best fit

In this week CEO blog, we are going to look at two tips on how to hire the best people for your team. To work faster and be better organized, the tool of the week let you make lists and cross each task when they are done.Improving your hiring processSince I started working (long before […]

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The challenges of Crypto

In the last few weeks, I’ve been going a lot more to events in the crypto community.In this post I’ll tell you about my insights into the current market.This week highlighted tool will help you translate your texts and emails faster with fewer mistakes.Current challenges of cryptocurrenciesCryptocurrencies and blockchain have been part of my interests […]

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