How to keep the work-life balance in a startup

Working for a startup is asking a lot of energy. This week I describe how I make sure to keep my balance and perform best for EZYcount

Family, Work, Friends or FWF model

The FWF model describes the balance in life as a triangle. Each corner represents an important pillar to your emotional balance. Family describes how well you are in your family life with your spouse and children. Work describes how well or stressed you feel at work. The pillar 'friends' describes how you feel about your social life.

The model goes as thus: if you feel fulfilled in the three pillars, you can be happy. If you feel fulfilled in two pillars, life is hard but it's manageable. When you are stressed by one of the corners of the triangle, the two others compensate and help you to keep balance. For example, if you are stressed at work, your family and friends help you to stay on top of it. If you have stressed in your family but your work and friends are there, you can make it work.

The issues arrive when you only feel well in one corner of the triangle. The balance is disrupted and complications will arrive sooner or later.

This week, I take a week off. I am on holiday with my family. This ensures that I will be full of energy and ready for the storm ahead. In the upcoming weeks, there will be a lot of stress and work to render the ICO successful. Unfortunately, I still have working calls planned. oh well...

What do you think about the FWF model and how do you feel about your three corners, Family, Work, and Friends.

Have a great week

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.