Talking to a journalist

This week we had the honor to be on the front page of the economic newspaper AGEFI. We saw a big increase in traffic on our website and a growing interest in the token sale 🎉🎉

In this week's CEO blog, I try a new structure: in the first paragraph I talk about my personal story of the week, in the second paragraph I discuss the useful tool of the week. Hope you'll enjoy this new outline. 

My story of the week: Interview with a journalist

I'm not comfortable in front of a camera or microphone. For the ones who know me, they know that the youtube videos we produce take a number of takes. I'm getting better at it but I'm not quite there yet.

So when I heard that Sophie from Agefi was writing a piece about EZYcount and that I'll have a call with her, I was stressed. Furthermore, depending on the outcome, who knows, the article could be dropped, be a small piece in a corner of the newspaper or on the front page! So I decided to prepare the best I could and had a chat on our own slack (it's our internal messaging) with John who is helping us with all public relation related topics. 

After being briefed, I typed the number of the journalist on the phone. I tried to be relaxed. The phone rang. Last second, a flash in my mind "first impression is the one that counts." argh. She picked up with a friendly voice. Ouf. She started by telling me that she read the white paper and if I could answer a couple of questions. Then the nervosity went away as I was excited to talk about the white paper and EZYcount's mission. After a couple of minutes, we were talking like we knew each other. She was well prepared and knew our project very well. I enjoyed answering the questions and discussing our project. Actually, this felt pretty much like a normal conversation. I shouldn't have stressed about it.

The conversation ended. I was exhausted. Then we waited to see how it would end up in the newspaper (if it did).

The next day, the whole team and I were thrilled to see that Sophie had put EZYcount on the first page of the newspaper with a picture of me! On top of it, we had a very large part of the page 5th, full of engaging information about EZYcount TaaL with a picture of Barbara and me.

What I take from this experience is that it's easy to talk about something you are passionate about. Also, journalists are only humans and want to write very good articles. My best opportunity to push EZYcount forward is to heartily and clearly answer their questions and support their work. Hopefully, more newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels will pick up EZYcount Taal and the revolution we are building.

🔨 The tool of the week - google doc for digital teams

Google doc ( lets you create a text document, a spreadsheet, slides, and forms.

I'll focus on how we use it at EZYcount, document, and spreadsheet.

Why we use it:
Google doc is available directly in the web browser (no installation required) and available on all computers.

The key feature of google doc for me is the cooperation between multiple users digitally. Let me explain. As soon as you start to be more than one person in your organization, it becomes crucial to have a centralized place with your key documents. Not all documents, only the important documents that should be shared with everyone.

So everybody is working on the same document, making changes (you can see the changes and also roll them back if you need to). It is the end of the 10 different version of the same document by each person.

Finally, you can also ask people to work on "suggestion mode" where they make changes and then someone else needs to go and approve them. This is great if you want someone to work on a document but still want to approve them.

At EZYcount, we improve our white paper in this mode so when we move to a new version, we can review all changes and communicate about them.

Hope you liked this week's CEO blog. What is your favorite feature in Google doc or do you prefer another tool?

Have a great weekend!

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Vivien Fuhrer, CEO EZYcount

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.