Presentation EZYcount TaaL

This week in the CEO blog, I'm talking about the public presentation of EZYcount blockchain project: EZYcount TaaL. Furthermore, I look at EZYcount last update and talk about the tool of the week, which helps you edit pictures directly in your web browser.

But to start, let's see where was EZYcount in the news this week:

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  • Fintech Weekly - published my article: "Token-as-a-License, Blockchain’s next evolution." To read it, follow this link: Article on Fintech Weekly
  • LeNouvelliste, wrote an article about EZYcount TaaL (only French). Follow this link to read it : Article in LeNouvelliste
  • Nxters Newsletter published news about EZYcount TaaL and our presence at the ICO Race. To read the news, go here: Nxter news June

EZYcount update

The latest changes made on EZYcount products are here:

  • Visual indicator has been added in the menu to show you if an invoice has not been successfully transferred to the accounting.
  • Change on the visual during bank import to minimize the impact of a long line of imported description.
  • Addition or reCAPTCHA during registration for added security.

EZYcount TaaL public presentation

Monday 11th of June 2018, I presented in a room packed at Espace Création in Sion during the Genilem Valais General Assembly our new project EZYcount TaaL to fully automate accounting within 2 years.

Fully automate accounting you said? come on.....

Our mission since we started has been to simplify accounting for our customers. However, we realized that our customers didn't want us to simplify their accounting. They would rather us automating it completely so they don't need to do it at all.

We worked very hard and registered a patent in 2015. Now the patent is published and secure, furthermore, EZYcount has grown enough to develop EZYcount AI, the artificial intelligence which will do your bookkeeping for you - fully automated.

How are you going to develop it?

Such innovative development needs knowledge and money. We gathered a very technical team and are confident we can deliver 100% automation within two years. We also need money and we are going to raise it by selling a limited amount (1'000) of life-long licenses for all our products.

To maximize value for the purchases, purchasers decide the delivery method of the the life-long licenses. It can be either managed by EZYcount for the purchaser, delivered on a paper to the purchaser for his own use uniquely or delivered as a token on the Ardor blockchain to allow him/her to potentially resell the license at a later time. Therefore creation EZYcount Token-as-a-License or TaaL

Why using the blockchain ?

By using the blockchain and registering the licenses on a token - EZYcount TaaL, the purchaser has full management and ownership of EZYcount TaaL. They can then freely resell them to a third party anytime.

Furthermore, EZYcount can quickly check the validity of EZYcount TaaL against the blockchain to give access to EZYcount products.

I truly believe that this new value proposition will interest many customers and potential investors.

This is a first introduction in EZYcount TaaL. You can find more details in our detailed white paper here:

If you want to invest more than CHF 20'000.- please contact me by email at to benefit the private pre-sale for registered investors.

🔨 Tool of the week:

Interface Pixlr

The tool of the week (see the picture up here) gives you the opportunity to edit and save pictures directly from a web-browser. Since I discovered it, I'm not using Photoshop anymore. Truth be told, Pixlr is not as complete as Photoshop but if you are like me, not a professional graphist, you shouldn't feel the difference. 

Major advantage: no installation. The software is quick to use to edit an image such as adding a logo, resizing or cropping an image.

They just launched a pro version but I continue to use the normal editor and it works like a charm.

Did I told you that pixlr is free? Cherry on the top 🍒

From the following link, you can check it out yourself.

Vivien Fuhrer

Vivien is EZYcount and EZYinvoice co-founder. He has many years of experience in accounting as financial director. Vivien is passionate about new technologies and how these can simplify our lives. He also enjoys hiking and surfing🏄.