Monthly Archives: June 2018

Talking to a journalist

This week we had the honor to be on the front page of the economic newspaper AGEFI. We saw a big increase in traffic on our website and a growing interest in the token sale In this week’s CEO blog, I try a new structure: in the first paragraph I talk about my personal story […]

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FINMA and TaaL – Play by the rules

This week at EZYcount went extremely fast. On top of the usual work, we sent our official letter to FINMA regarding EZYcount TaaL token sale, and on Thursday, I visited the SICTIC investor event with blockchain challenge. The tool of the week is for free and quick video conference.FINMA letter sent On Friday, we […]

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Presentation EZYcount TaaL

This week in the CEO blog, I’m talking about the public presentation of EZYcount blockchain project: EZYcount TaaL. Furthermore, I look at EZYcount last update and talk about the tool of the week, which helps you edit pictures directly in your web browser. But to start, let’s see where was EZYcount in the news this week:THE […]

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First meeting with the crypto community

Second article CEO blog ! hop, I start.This week we talk about my visit to the ICO Race in Lugano, EZYcount news and the practical tool of the week to have a professional email address.EZYcount NewsThe EZYcount news of the week in brief are:New pages on the EZYcount website: The contact page has been completely […]

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Start of a new accounting era

This is the first article of a new weekly blog list. A new era in accounting, a new era for EZYcount, a new era in EZYcount communication. My aim is to be direct, transparent and inclusive in what we do at EZYcount. We are not there yet but we are working hard toward it. This list […]

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